Mission & Vision

AOB Infra Noida began our journey with a burning dream of creating state of the art real estate projects that blend together modernism, elegance and ecological sustainability while setting new industry benchmarks. Our first foray was Tradex Tower I and Tradex tower II in Greater Noida Golf Course. These towers became one of the most in demand retail cum business destinations in Greater Noida with their exquisite landscaping and glass and metal fronts. Our very first success story at Tradex was quickly followed by an array of sought after residential projects like Windsor Park, Elegante, Spring Fields, Cabbana etc. we have partnered with Assotech Realty…our trusted building partner to deliver commercially viable, aesthetically superior and ecologically friendly projects all through these years and have managed to raise the bar with each delivered project. We believe that our only competition is with ourselves and it is our attitude that has won us appreciation and trust over the years. read more.

Why you should choose us

While the team members on the field are young and energetic, the managers who guide and influence them are seasoned hands at the game.
As with almost any professional service the best way to find someone good is from referrals. The first thing I do when I need help from a professional, is ask my friends, family and co-workers who they recommend.
Our Real Estate Advisory team is combined of senior professionals with the extensive experience and expertise in Real Estate Industry.


It is illegal to put residential properties to commercial use. However service-based industries are allowed to operate from residential areas, on the condition that they will vacate the property if any complaint is received from other residential owners.
Before purchasing property from a company, it is necessary to verify with the Registrar of Companies that the property is not mortgaged or is not being used as a security against a loan, otherwise it is not considered a freehold property.The area of an apartment or building, not inclusive of the area of the walls is known as carpet area. This is the area that is actually used and in which a carpet can be laid. When the area of the walls including the balcony is calculated along with the carpet area, it is known as built-up area. The built-up area along with the area under common spaces like lobby, lifts, stairs, garden and swimming pool is called super built-up area.
When a piece of property is given or 'leased' to an individual (known as the 'Lessee') for a stipulated period of time, by the owner of the property (known as the 'Lessor'), the property is referred to as Leasehold Property. A certain amount is fixed by the Lessor to be paid as lease premium and annual lease. The land ownership rights remain with the Lessor. Transfer of property requires prior permission.